Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

It's that time again. The time where people all over the world are deciding that they are going to stop smoking this year, stop drinking, dump their spouse and find someone better, stop cheating on their wife or husband, stop eating so much and start working out. It's the time where people feel so optimistic about their futures. They feel as if they can accomplish any and everything. The global saying is "This year is my year." This excitement lasts for a few weeks or even months. Then reality sets in, we as a people are weak when it comes to following through with most new years resolutions. Don't get me wrong, our intentions are good and genuine. For a while we believe that we're going to do it, finally be a better us. Then reality sets in, how could I live without that cigarette or that drink. No one else will want me so I should just stick with the person I am with. I love my mistress and just can't end it yet. I need my man on the side, he works out the kinks in my life. I can't change the way I eat just yet, and everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. I don't have time to work out. It's just too hard to change right now but I will get there some day. This is the torture we put ourselves through each year because it's somewhat of a national tradition. The reality of it is when you want to change things in your life, you won't need to wait until the new year comes. You will do it right then. You will muster up the willpower from deep within you and really know that today is the day. Today is the day where I put aside all of my fears, laziness, and procrastination and just do it. Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life.

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