Monday, January 17, 2011


Finally my children are home and I am so happy. I missed them so much for the couple of days they were with their dad. Even though they drive me nuts sometimes I don't like it when they are gone. I am starting to feel depression coming on and I don't like being that way around my kids. I made a list last night of things that I can do when I start to feel this way about my situation. One of them is this blog of course. I know that I can make it on my own. The process of getting there is hard. I think that it would be best if I just cut ties with him because he lies to me so much and I don't know what his motives are and that is scary. Here I go talking about him and I didn't want to do that. Well my little baby boy (well he's 1 but he's still my baby is crawling all over me so I will go now and show him some love. I will write some more later. Until next time.

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